Are a means by which an item page may be used to advertise other related items to the customer. These usually show at the bottom of the item page - Use it as a way to promote accessories and addons or related or alternative products.

Cross-sells are activated by default. If you do not require this feature in your website, ask the Support Team to deactivate it for you.

Some uses of Cross-sells:


1. To inform site users about related items that exist within the same category as the item currently being viewed (which the customer may otherwise not have chosen to view)
e.g If the current item the user is viewing is from a category ‘gifts for girls’, the more possible choices they are made aware of that exist in that category and which they are able to view by being easily able to click through them from the item pages, the more likely they are to find a gift they will like.
This may increase the likelihood of users making a purchase.

2. To inform customers about items that may not exist within the same category as the item currently being viewed but which are complimentary to it
e.g If the user is viewing the item page for a printer, cross-sells that may be of interest to them might be ink cartridges or paper.
This may encourage users to make other purchases in addition to their main purchase.

3. To inform customers that the item they are currently viewing requires specific, additional items for its operation
e.g If the customer is viewing the item page for a battery operated toy that does not include the battery, it is helpful to advise them of this by including the battery as a cross-sell
Again, this may encourage users to make additional purchases

The benefits of Cross sells


Cross-sells therefore provide distinct advantages to both the merchant and the site user
The site user can benefit from an improved browsing / shopping experience by being

  • Informed about items related to their current selection / possible choices available
  • Advised as to the existence of items that are complimentary to their current selection
  • Informed as to the operational requirements of an item
with their ease of viewing / purchasing facilitated for each of the above

The merchant may experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased sales
due to good cross-item promotion and the ease with which the browsing / shopping experience can take place.


How does it work?


For every item you are able to specify which items you would like to display as cross sells to that item.

  1. Edit an item in website edit mode
  2. Select the Cross-sell tab
  3. Select the items that you would like to cross-sell

If you do not specify cross sells for an item, the system will automatically display items from the same category in a random order.

The layout for the cross-sell component will match the structure of your item category page. If your item category page is set to display items in a "List format" your cross-sells will also display in this format.

There is a maximum number of items that the cross-sell component will display, usually 3 by default. You may set as many cross-sells for a product as you like, they will rotate whenever the page is refreshed / revisited.