Recent changes by Telecom for their clients

Telecom Spark have recently sent out an email notifying clients that they are changing their outgoing mail servers from one system to another. It is a pretty big rollout and will affect all customers who are with Spark, and use an email program like Outlook, or Apple mail.


We don't have any control over this change as it is Spark's decision. This change occurred on the 30th of September.

There are solutions to this:

  • You can use the free address that is provided by Spark

  • You could look at using Gmail as your mail provider, they are quick and easy to set up, low cost and have some great features. You can set it up so you can send emails using your domain name. Here is a link to start setting this up.

  • You can use the new servers with your current mail address by verifying it with Spark.

  • You could transfer your domain and email hosting to Spark. Contact Zeald support to obtain your UDAI number in order to do this.


What to do to set up your business email address with Spark


Spark have some great info on the steps you will need to follow so you can continue to use this email address:


  • The first step is to verify your email address you want to use. This would be something like [] . You can set up to 10 email addresses in this way. Attached is a link to the page on spark which shows you what to do. You will need to know your xtra email address and password.

  •  You will then need to set up your email to work through the telecom settings. This page will help you set up your email settings depending on what email program you use. They have the most common Outlook versions with steps underneath.

There are a lot of other programs out there so if you have one that is different you will need to contact Spark to double check what you need to do.


You will need to follow these steps and make some changes to the incoming and outgoing mail settings. 

Using the Zeald webmail system

If you use the Zeald webmail system you will need to set Zeald's details into the incoming mail servers so that you will still receive mail through us.

The incoming mail server details for Zeald are;

Type: pop3
Please ensure Secure Password Authentication (SPA)/SSL etc is turned off


More general information

There is also a general page which has an overview of all the technical information here. It also has some additional email programs that you can look at.

Also, please note there are restricted use emails that Telecom has reserved for their own use; so if you register with them you are unable to use the following email addresses.  

(please note, is being used as a domain name example below.),, and

If this is a bit too technical for you we do have website administrators who can help you set up your new emails settings. They are $97+gst per hour, and can get this sorted for you immediately. To find out about this service, talk to our support team by email -, online chat or phone.