Advanced Options (E-Commerce+ Only)

Advanced options are used when the options of a product are distinct products in their own right, with different SKU's, quantity, pricing, images and so-on.


The interface for editing advanced options is similar to that for simple options.  However when the options and variations have been setup, you can then edit each combination of variations in a large table:


In the interface above, the basic fields (SKU, inventory, price) can be edited directly in this table.  When you are done make sure you remember to click "Save changes".

Advanced attributes of the variation can be edited by clicking the pencil icon beside the SKU.  This page allows you to set less commonly change attributes of each variation.

Change the order of option variations

With Advanced options you can reorder your list of option variations as they appear in the website front end. You do this by simply dragging each row in the option variation table to the desired location.
  1. When you roll your mouse over each row in the option variation table a drag handle will appear to the left of the row
  2. Click the drag handle and drag the entire row to the desired location in the table list.
  3. When you have reordered your variations, don't forget to save the table and your list of variations will be instantly updated on the front end of the website.