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Ecommerce - Setup GST / Tax

When selling internationally you do not charge GST. Therefore it is recommended that international merchants do the following:
  1. Setup product prices excluding GST (E.g. if an item has a price of $19.99 including GST, then it should be setup as an item with the price of $17.50, removing GST of $2.50 (or 12.5%) in this example)
  2. Setup an NZ tax rate (Under Preferences > Tax/GST). This is the rate that will be added to the order total if the billing address is within New Zealand.

The website will then automatically add the GST if the billing address is within New Zealand or process the order GST free for billing addresses outside of New Zealand.

Please note that you can create other tax rates (for other countries) should your business require you to have different GST rates for different billing addresses.