Ecommerce - Setup Payment methods

When setting up an E-commerce website you need to decide exactly what methods of payment you are going to provide your customers with. The most common form of payment on a website is a credit card, but there are a number of other options.

Your e-commerce website can be enabled to accept credit cards via a 'payment gateway'.  A payment gateway is a third-party company that provides secure link between your Zeald website and your Merchant Account. They are carefully vetted by the credit card companies to ensure they have a very high level of security, and handle the credit card so that you and your staff never even see it.  This makes it much easier to be PCI Compliant.  

You will need a merchant account that will accept online credit card payments in the currency you do business in.  Even if you have a current merchant account you need to check it will be able to accept and support online transactions in the way you would like.
Zeald recommends you use DPS, as it supports the most banks and is the easiest to setup 
But if you'd rather do it yourself, Zeald supports a large number of other Payment Gateways


Your Electronic Merchant Account


Most Payment Gateways will require you to have an Electronic Merchant Account set up with your bank.

Many companies assume that their EFTPos merchant account can be used, but this is incorrect as the merchant account for a Payment Gateway is different. Contact your bank for further details on costs and to apply.

Zest Supports different types of Payment Gateways


Popular Payment Gateways

Credit Card Payments

Buy Now Pay Later Gateways

Account to Account (A2A) Payments

e-Wallet Payments



  1. Always make it as easy as possible for your customers to purchase from you. Credit cards are the best and most common form of payment – but always look to provide alternative methods of payment.Many people are wary when first purchasing from a site, especially if it is unknown and they may feel more comfortable with a more traditional method of payment.

  2. Allow people to fax or phone-in their payment details with a 0800 number. 
  3. Consider displaying symbols of credit cards on your home page. This communicates instantly that the site has e-commerce capabilities. It is not necessary to show every accepted credit card on the home page, but it is a good idea to provide a link to a list of accepted cards. This is especially useful for customers with obscure credit cards; they want to know in advance whether your site accepts theirs.