Setup PayPal


PayPal is a good option for people with who process a very low volume of orders.
  • No minimum monthly fee. PayPal charges no monthly fees or setup fee, however they charge fees on each transaction.
  • With PayPal, you do not require a merchant account
  • However, the order process for customers using PayPal can be more complex as PayPal may prompt them to create a PayPal account during the order, which may result in a reduced conversion rate.

How do I setup PayPal?

  1. Login to your Zeald e-commerce website
  2. Go to the Preferences tab
  3. Click on "Payment" to see your payment preferences
  4. Click "Setup PayPal"
  5. Follow the onscreen directions

NOTE:  For Paypal merchant accounts, it is important to remember not to include Identity Token when copying and pasting your ID token to the Payment Data Transfer (PDT) Identifier field on your Merchant PayPal information.    

If you would prefer one of our website administrators to complete the set up of paypal for you, please contact our support team and we can advise you of the costs to do so.