Setting the VIP Pricing

VIP Pricing allows you to display a different price for an item to customers belonging to the VIP customer group.  Customers who are part of the VIP group need to be logged in to see the VIP prices.  Otherwise, the website will only display the item's regular price.  

To set the VIP Pricing on website with the Advanced Feature activated:

  1. Go to the ITEMS tab.
    step 1 advanced
  2. Go to the Item List and click an item. 
  3. Scroll down to the Pricing section.
    step 3 advanced
  4. Click Advanced Options Apply in the VIP Price field.  
  5. Click on the dollar sign beside the price.
    Step 5 advanced
  6. Select Enabled on the Advanced Pricing drop-down to enable the VIP Pricing.
    step 5 advanced
  7. Enter the VIP Price.
    step 7 advanced-978


For websites with no Advanced Pricing feature

  1. Go to ITEM tab.
    step 1 no advanced
  2. Go to Item List and click on an item.
  3. Scroll down to Pricing , then enter your preferred VIP Price.
    step 4 no advanced