Adding a lightbox for your video

This feature allows you to have your videos open up in a modal window for people to view on your website. These are called lightboxes and are a really effective way to profile videos on your site. Check out the video below to know how to lightboxes work:

You can add the component from the ‘add component’ button in the same way that you add the regular Youtube component.


All you need to do is then set it up in the editing tools:

  1. Title your lightbox
  2. Copy the URL of the video into the address field. The URL of the video is the standard one you can copy from your address bar.
  3. If you want to change the width or height of the box, the opposing measurement will change in order to keep the proportions of the video the same.
  4. You can opt to disable the lightbox feature by selecting no on the “Play in a popup?”
  5. Choose a thumbnail image for your customers to click on. It will have a ‘play’ symbol in front so they know its a video. The thumbnail has to be uploaded from your computer as it isn’t linked to the file manager
  6. Once you have saved you can then view what you’ve done when logged out.



Key things to note:


  • Youtube and Vimeo ONLY - other video sites may have their own code they can embed in the source code of embeddable content components. Our developers can customise it for your particular video software if needed. Contact the support team to find out more.