Gift Vouchers

Zest offers Gift vouchers that can be purchased by customers and sent to others as a gift. This is a great way to boost your sales, attract new customers and foster loyalty.

Contact to avail this feature.

Clients have the ability to create gift vouchers that can be purchased as Physical or Virtual Products(sent via email). 

The customers will receive the coupon via email or post. The voucher can be partially or fully redeemed at any future purchase on the website. When a voucher is completely redeemed, the voucher value in the voucher list is closed off and it cannot be used again. When a voucher is partially redeemed, the amount remaining on the voucher will be seen on the receipt page and the emailed receipt.


Create a Gift Voucher

  1. Click Items and click on Add a new item

  2. Choose the category where you want to add the product and click Add

  3. Choose Gift Voucher from the product type dropdown and fill in the details
  4. Scroll down to Voucher Configuration and choose the type of voucher then click on Save

    Emailed or Physical - the voucher will support both virtual and physical
    Emailed - There will be an option to type in the recipient’s name and email when the customer purchases the Gift Voucher

    Physical - The voucher code will be sent to the address via post. Customers will have the option to deliver the voucher with their order or to deliver to a separate address.

Voucher Details

The voucher details and recipient details can be seen on the thank you page

Email Notifications

Email sent to the customer who purchased the Voucher
This contains the name of the voucher receiver and the amount 

Email sent to the person who the voucher is for. This contains the link to the website and the voucher code that can be used on the site.

Use the Gift Voucher

The gift voucher can only be used on the website it was purchased. Use the voucher code that was received via email or post upon checkout
The user can input the code to redeem the voucher in one go or in multiple purchases.

The total amount will be deducted from the value of the Voucher and they will see the remaining value of the voucher.

The voucher details will also be seen on the thank you page

Order Confirmation Email

The buyer will receive an order confirmation that shows the remaining value of the voucher

When the customer uses the voucher in their next purchase. The remaining voucher value will be deducted from the Total amount