Can't find instructions for your Email Client?

In general, if you want to setup your email on an Email Client or mobile phone device that we do not provide instructions for, and you are unable to find out how to do this yourself, you will need to seek support from the provider of that device, product or service. 
  • If its a mobile, the cellphone provider or manufacturer may be able to assist.  Alternatively, refer to your manual
  • If its a mail client software, please refer to its documentation or support line.

When we create you an email account we will give you three pieces of information
  • A pop3 server address
  • A pop3 username
  • A pop3 password
In principle, any competent email client (eg gmail, mobile phones etc) can connect to a pop3 server to download your mail.  However, unless we have already provided documentation on this website on how to setup your email client, unfortunately we cannot provide you with detailed instructions on how to do this as we are unable to support all mail clients, especially mobile devices etc that we may not have access to.

If you are unable to setup your email within your mail client of choice, you can always use the Webmail interface that we provide to access your email in any web browser.