Adding and Arranging Components

*Components may vary depending on your website.

The basics

When you are loading content pages on your website, you may want to add extra blocks to your page for images, text, links and other content. You can add additional components to your content pages using the blue 'add component' button you will see when viewing your website.

add-component button

When clicking this button you will be presented with a list of components that are available for your website* such as the list pictured below. The most commonly used component is the 'editable content block' as this can be used for images, text, pasting documents from Microsoft Word, and embedding Video from sharing sites such as YouTube.

component selection

Once you have selected the blue button to 'add component' you will be presented with component settings such as the below screenshot of an editable content block. The name for the component will not be visible to your website visitors, but is used for your own reference. Within the content block below, we have added a table to make it easy to format the content.

editable content block(copy)
When you have added and edited the text you wish to add, click save and it will be applied to your webpage.

Moving a component

If you wish to move a component, please be careful in doing so and if in doubt please contact our friendly support team for assistance.

To move a component or re arrange, you will need to be in 'live edit' mode or 'show editing tools' and looking at your web page. You will see a small grey box in the upper left hand corner of the component you wish to move with grey dotted lines such as this:  move component 1
When you pick up a component by grabbing the corner of this box, (it is recommended you do this with a separate mouse rather than on a track pad) you will see the component become slightly angled and yellow boxes appear on your website, these are called drop targets and the component can be placed within these.

move component 2

Again, if you are unsure with doing this, please contact our support team via phone, email or live chat.