Editing an Existing Service

Editing an Existing Service

To edit existing services, go to Collections, locate Services and then click Edit Services.


You will be directed to the Services collection where you can find all the services currently listed on your website.


To edit one of your services, find the title of the service you want to edit and then click the pencil icon pencil


You will then be directed to the backend of the service page you selected.


From there, you can edit the title, featured image, change the category or add a new category for this service, edit the summary or apply changes to the details of the service.

You can add images on the Summary and Details sections by clicking the image button imagebtn or links by clicking the hyperlink button hyperlinkbtn

Note that since we are using the Markdown Editor, images and links added to the pages will usually appear as codes on the backend. 


If you want to check what your images and links look like on the front-end, click the Preview button on the top section of the editor. 


Once you’re happy with the changes, click savebtn