Call To Action Button for Content Collections

Calls to action (CTA's) encourage readers toward buying your product. Without it, users will be at a loss with what they should do next even if they seem to be interested in your brand. Hence, guiding your visitors through the buying journey using strategic CTAs is vital.

Clear CTA's such as purchase a product, book an appointment, sign up for a newsletter, make an enquiry, or book a quote, among others, otherwise, they will most likely leave your website and head to your competitor instead.

Zest V4 has made adding CTA buttons to content collections easier. The CTA button, when clicked, opens a popup that displays an enquiry form, which grabs your customers’ attention as it automatically shows up when they land on a website. 


This example on the Services Content Collection appears as a “GET A QUOTE” button just below the header of the “Leaking Taps” Service page.


The new CTA buttons remain on top of the screen even as you scroll through the page. This feature enables customers to take action by clicking the CTA button no matter where they are on the page.


When the user submits the form they are presented a thank you message.


The website administrator is notified of a new enquiry so he or she can immediately address it right away. 


The enquiry is automatically saved and listed under the new “Enquiries” tab in the backend of the website.


The enquiry is also recorded automatically as an Enquiry Conversion Goal under the reporting tab.


The website administrator receives the notification email that includes a link directly to the enquiry so that they can view and process it in the website’s backend. The website administrator can reply and archive the enquiry. Check a live example here: