Problems sending email?

If you are experiencing problems SENDING email from your email client (such as Outlook), please follow these step by step instructions to determine the problem

1. Check your computer is connected to the Internet

It sounds simple, but please check to see if your internet connection is live. You may have accidentally pulled the cable, or you have been temporiraly disconnected from the internet.

2. Check if you can send messages using Webmail

Please log in to, and test sending a message. If it sends successfully, then it is likely you have setup your account incorrectly on your Email Client (eg Outlook).

3. Check your username and password on your Email Client

Please check that your have entered in your username and password correctly on your email client, and try again.
If you have forgotten your password, please log into Domain Manager to reset your password.

4. Check if your Outgoing (SMTP) mail server details are correct

The Outgoing (SMTP) mail server details needs to be correct for you to send messages from the account.
Your Outgoing mail server details will depend on which Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are with
eg. Telecom Xtra, Vodafone, Slingshot, Orcon etc

some examples of Outgoing (SMTP) mail server details
Internet Service Provider (ISP) SMTP Server


5. Contact your Internet Service Provider

If you do not see your Internet Service Provider (ISP) above, you will need to contact your ISP's helpdesk for the details.  

Zeald cannot provide you with an SMTP server because many ISPs block access to external SMTP servers as a measure to control spam.

For help using your Email Client (eg Outlook) please visit Setting up email on your Email Client