Removing Sub Categories

  1. To remove a category from another sub-category click on the Items tab
  2. This will display the Item tree by default. Click on the Category list tab. This will display the list of all categories that currently exist within the site. By default, categories are sorted by the code number. To view them in alphabetical order click on the column title Name
  3. Locate the category that you wish to move and click on the Category code
    Please note: If you cannot locate it, enter the category name into the search box located to the top right of the category list. This will reload the page, listing the specific category only
  4. This will display the category editor page. Click on the Parent categories tab
  5. This will display the category parent information page for the selected category. Categories to which another category belongs are known as its parents. This page comprises a list of any such parents, e.g. "Rubber Ducks"
    Please note: If the category does not have any parents it is a top-level category, this will be stated. If the category is listed as having only one parent, this indicates that it appears in only one place in the front end product menu. If the category is listed as having multiple parents, it appears in multiple places in the product menu
  6. To remove a category from a parent category, click on the cross  next to the parent name
  7. This will display a warning prompt requesting that you confirm the removal. Click on OK. The category will then be removed from the parent category
    Important: If the category exists within a single parent category only, and it is removed from this, it will cease to display in the Item tree and the front end product menu, although it will still be listed on the category list page
    Please note: Removing a category from a single parent category does not affect the items within that category, they will not be deleted or removed to the unassigned folder