To edit the testimonial’s area on the homepage ensure that the editing tools are turned on.

1. In the front end of the website 

2. Scroll to the Home Page to the Testimonials area

3. Click on show editing tools:


4. To edit click the yellow pencil in the top left-hand corner of the component:


5. Go to the Markdown Editor to add in the testimonial itself and the name of the person:

  • a. Either copy and paste over the default text - Make sure you do so within the #
  • b. To decrease the Heading Size Click on the ? in the Markdown Editor and follow the formatting instructions.
  • c. E.g. to make it a Heading 4 insert #### in front of the text of the testimonial.
  • d. Click on the Green Save button at the top right-hand corner:

For more information about Markdown Editor, kindly click on this link.