There are many ways you can set up prices for items on your Zeald website.  This article gives an overview of the various ways you can set item pricing and covers the following areas:

Item Price

Every item in your website has a price.  If you do not allocate a price a default price of zero will be allocated.  Allocate a price by creating or editing an item and scrolling down to the 'Pricing' section.  In the below screenshot this item has a price of $100.00


VIP Price

'VIP' is a customer group.  The 'VIP Price' is the price that is displayed for that item to customers who are part of the VIP customer group.  In the below screenshot, VIP customers will be charged $80.00 for this item.

You will see the VIP price under the Product price when you edit the item.

Note that if a customer has not logged in then the website will have no way of telling if the customer is part of the VIP customer group, and so will simply display the normal item price to the customer.  The customer can log in to see VIP prices; if the customer does not login then the normal item price will be charged at checkout.

Customer Discounts

It is possible to give discounts on all items in your website on a customer level.  For example you have a 'premium' customer who you want to receive a 20% discount on all items on your website.

To set up a customer discount first find the customer in the 'Customers' tab, click on their username to edit the customer and click on the 'all' tab.  A discount can be established by providing a value in the 'Discount (%)' field


Note that this discount is applied to all items, on a customer level.  There is no facility to apply a discount to all items based on a customer being part of a certain customer group.  However there is a way to apply a discount on all items to customers who are website members.  That is, customers who have registered on your website and are in your 'Customers' database.  To set this discount go to the 'Preferences' tab, click the blue 'Membership' link and enter a value in the 'Member discount' field.  This can be a percentage discount, or a dollar amount.


A promotion is a discount that is applied at an item level - to set up a promotion you edit an item you have created and click on the 'Promotion' tab.  You can choose from one of several promotion types, or even set up your own promotions.  Note that the promotion type does not affect how a promotion discount is calculated.

In this tab you set the item discount amount in dollars and cents.  For example if the base price is $13 and target price is $9.95 - enter 3.05. Do not include a $ sign.


Note that promotions apply at an item level - you cannot set a promotion on an item category.  A promotion will apply on the item to all customers and customer groups who view this item.

You can learn more about promotions here.

Advanced Pricing

Advanced Pricing is the facility to have the price of an item change depending on the group the customer is in and also based on the quantity ordered.  Note that advanced pricing is only available for e-business to business or ecommerce+ websites. Alternatively you can purchase the feature separately on our online store.

To set up Advanced Pricing, edit an item and click on the 'Advanced Pricing' tab.  You can then set pricing for any number of customer groups, and if desired set up price breaks and apply a different price depending on the quantity of items ordered.  Let's look at an example


In this example a regular customer would always be charged $100.00 regardless of how many items they purchased, a 'VIP' customer ordering 20 or less would be charged $80.00, and a wholesale customer ordering 21 or more of this item would be charged $55.00 per item. 

Note that when you view the price of an item on an item where you have set up advanced pricing, you cannot set the price of the item on the 'general' tab for that item.  This is because there is now no one single 'price' for the item - item price now depends on customer and quantity.


You can learn more about advanced pricing here.

Simple Options

Simple options describes the facility to set up various options for a single item.  For example a t-shirt could be various sizes and colours.  Rather than setting up multiple products (small black t-shirt, small red t-shirt, medium black t-shirt etc) your Zeald website has the facility to let you set options on a single item.  The customer then selects from available options for that item.

You can control what the customer is charged for a particular combination by setting the 'variation from base price'; that is you specify how much should be added (or subtracted) for a particular item combination.  Lets look at an example:


In this example, if a customer selects a 'medium' t-shirt then 51 cents will be added to the base price.  If 'large' is selected then 76 cents will be added to the base price.

If you set two options (e.g. 'Size' and 'Colour') then the price difference for each option will be added together and then added to the base price. 

You can learn more about simple options here.

Advanced Options

Advanced options extend the functionality of simple options.  Note that advanced options are only available on Zeald e-business to business websites.  Advanced options allow you to set up combinations of properties, exactly as simple options do.  However with advanced options each combination of properties (small black t-shirt, small red t-shirt, medium black t-shirt etc) becomes an actual item itself.  Thus each combination has its own sku code, its own inventory and its own price.

With Advanced Options you set the price of each combination, there is no 'base price' as such.  Let's look at an example:


In this example, the price of a medium blue t-shirt is $10.00, the price of a large blue t-shirt is $10.75

Note that because under advanced options each item combination is itself treated as a product, you can apply advanced pricing to an item combination.  To do this click the small blue dollar sign next to the 'Price' field on each item row.


Note that if you do decide to apply advanced pricing to advanced options, then the pricing matrix does very quickly become very large and complex.

You can learn more about advanced options here.


You can list item prices on your website either as GST Inclusive or GST Exclusive, as the following example shows:
GSTExcl.gif GSTInc.gif

How prices are calculated in terms of GST/Tax is controlled under the 'Preferences' Tab, 'Tax/GST' sub-tab.  If there is no row for the applicable country, then prices will be displayed as GST/Tax Inclusive.  If you establish a Tax Row, then prices are displayed as GST/Tax Exclusive.  In the below example, GST information has been established for New Zealand, so prices will be displayed as GST Exclusive.


If you are selling items internationally, it is recommended you set up a tax row for the country your business is located.  For example, if you are based in New Zealand and will also sell to customers in the UK, it is recommended you set up a tax row for New Zealand.  The reason for this is that international sales generally do not attract GST, so setting up this row will allow the Zeald system to zero the GST for international orders.  Note that if you do set up a tax row, then you must enter the GST/Tax Exclusive price for all items in your Zeald items database.

Note: If you did not want to show the "incl GST" label - go to the Preferences tab and under Products you will see "Show incl. tax label if no tax rate set" - you can change that to "no"


Shipping is calculated when the customer views the items in their shopping cart, i.e. immediately before checkout.  Shipping is calculated on an order level, not an item level.  In other words, shipping is added to the entire order before checkout - you cannot view or set the shipping price of an individual item, this is because shipping applies to the entire order.  You can optionally control whether GST/Tax is applied to shipping under the 'Preferences' Tab, 'Tax/GST' sub-tab.

You can learn more about setting up shipping here

International Orders

A standard Zeald e-commerce or e-business to business website will support international orders.  That is, shipping can be set and calculated on a country by country level, and customers can specify an address to ship items to that can be any country in the world.  Please note the following limitations with International Orders in a standard Zeald website:
  • Prices will always be displayed only in your home currency.  For example New Zealand Websites will only display prices as NZ$, Australian Websites as AU$ and so on
  • For Credit Card purchases, prices are charged to the website customer in your home currency, and converted into the international customer's home currency by their Credit Card company.
If these limitations are not acceptable to your business, then please enquire about purchasing the Zeald multi-currency add on.


Please note that 'Coupons' is an add-on to the Zeald website system that is available for purchase.

In some cases you may wish to give certain customers a discount by giving a coupon to these customers.  This is generally done in conjunction with a marketing campaign.

A coupon in the Zeald system is simply a code.  The coupon code specifies a discount (which can be a percentage or an amount), that is applied to a single item, or a list of items.

You can purchase the coupon add-on here.   You can learn more about the coupon add on here.