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Creating a new coupon

  1. You can create a New coupon in Website Manager under Marketing.  
  2. Click on the Coupons tab
  3. Click on the New tab
  4. A new page will open allowing you to enter the details for the new coupon (see example below)
    new item
  5. Set the Coupon Code to a hard-to-guess code for the coupon. You will give this code to people so that they can redeem the coupon
  6. The Title can be anything you like, it's for your own reference
  7. The Amount Field specifies the % or dollar discount the customer will receive when they apply this coupon. 
  8. The field Number of redeems lets you create coupons that can only be used a certain number of times - leave it blank for unlimited
  9. Redeem Type relates to Number of Redeems.  If you set the number of redeems to 1, then redeem type "In Total" means the coupon can only be redeemed once ever.  "Per Customer" would mean each customer could redeem the coupon once
  10. Expiry lets you choose a date on which the coupon will expire - after that date, you can't use this coupon code anymore
  11. The Type field lets you select what the coupon applies to:
    1. Entire Order (including shipping)  - The coupon will be applied to the total of the entire order after shipping costs have been added
    2. Entire Order (excluding shipping) - The coupon will apply to the subtotal (i.e. the total of all the products).  Shipping will then be added on after this.
    3. Specific Items (defined below) - This coupon applies to individual products. You will need to select the products by using the product filtering described below. Then for each of these products, this discount will be applied
    4. Entire Order (Free shipping) - The coupon will be applied to the subtotal (i.e. the total of all the products). Shipping will then be set to 0.
      You can leave the Amount field blank, or set it to an additional discount you want applied to the order total (e.g. setting it to 20 will give $20 off and free shipping).
    5. Shipping Cost - Shipping costs will be determined by the fixed price that you set in the Amount field. This value will always be treated as a dollar amount to charge for shipping. If the dropdown is changed to %, this setting is ignored.

Product Filtering (for Specific Item coupons)

The product filtering allows you to select products or product categories to apply a coupon to.  To do product filtering, select The product filtering allows you to select products or categories to which the coupon will apply to, when the type of coupon is Specific Items

To select items to be included in the coupon, click Select Items beside the Included Products field, then select the poducts.  

select products window

Similarly, you can select categories you can apply the coupon to by clicking select categories beside the Included categories field, then choosing the categories. 

select categories window

If you want to apply a coupon to a category, but would like to exclude certain products, click Select Items beside Excluded products, then select the items.  If you want to exclude a sub-category within the main category you have selected from the coupon, click select categories then select the category.

Coupon Type "Specific items" applies the discount to each "Included item"

It is important to note that when you set up a coupon for a "Specific item", the system will apply the coupon discount to each of the "included products" that the user adds to their order.  

For example:

If we set up a coupon of $10 for "Specific items" on the selected products (see example below),

select items example

and client decides to purchase the system will apply the coupon discount value to the items separately, instead of on the total value of the order.  

Should the client decide to order 5 of the rubber ducks (Item 00908), The discount will apply to each of the rubber duck instead of the total amount of the order.  The rubber ducks will then be valued NZ $5 dollars each instead of the original $15.  

shopping cart

If you set some items or categories to be excluded, and do not set the rest of the items or categories to be included, then, if a customer uses the coupon on the checkout page, they will see this message, but the total cost would not be reduced as it wasn't an included item or category:


View or Edit Coupon Details

  • To edit a coupon, click on the Coupon Code (found in Website Manager > Marketing > Coupons > list)
  • In the Coupon list you can view the general details of the coupon such as:
    Coupon Code, Name, Amount, Number of Redeems, Redeem Type (Per customer, or in total), Expiry, and Type (Specific Items, Entire order including shipping, and Entire order excluding shipping)
Edit coupon

Bulk creating coupons (commonly used for Daily Deal websites)

You may require the ability to setup hundreds of coupon codes at once (like for instance, a GrabOne/TreatMe/Groupon promotion that you wish to run with your website).  

We strongly recommend you only sell or promote coupons that are a percentage discount or a fixed price coupon that can be used across all your products on your website.  This is due to the complexity and time consuming act of creating coupons for specific products or product categories. 

If you'd like to know more about bulk creating coupons, see the Create Bulk Coupons section.