Link Tracking

This feature allows you to create a link with a tracking ID, which you can then use, either on an external site or within your email marketing campaign, to link to pages on your website and measure how much traffic is sent from that link, also of that traffic how many clicks resulted in a sale or an enquiry.

Please note: you are unable to track links within your site from one page to another.

You can easily setup a tracking link to use in your campaigns by:
  1. Under the marketing tab, select the Link tracking tab
  2. Click "Add new" at the bottom of the page
  3. Give the campaign a name and description for your own reference for reporting
  4. Select the page that you would like the URL to link to
  5. Click finish
  6. Copy the URL to use for any links associated with this campaign


You can return to the Marketing > Link tracking area of your website manager at any time to view individual reports for each link tracking campaign. Find the campaign you were after and click "Report".  The report page shows a summary of visitors, ecommerce and goal metrics, however you can click the links to see the details Visitor Report, Goal Report, ecommerce report, filtered to only show the visits that came via the tracked link.