Access to Google Ad Account

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account

  2. In the upper right corner, click the tools icon > Setup > click Access and Security.


  3. Click the plus button  .

  4. Select an access level for your invitee, then enter their email address.


  5. Click Send invitation. 

  6. After the person accepts your email invitation, you'll receive a notification in your account. If you need to revoke your invitation, click Revoke in the "Actions" column. 


To link an existing Ads account to MCC (Zeald Master)

Note: This is another workaround to get access to client’s Google Ads

  1. Zeald will request for the client’s Google Ads’ Customer ID number

  2. Zeald will link this ID to our own MCC account

  3. The client should be able to get a notification that we have requested to link their account to our MCC account. 

  4. Client will need to accept the invitation. Just check the email or check your account’s notifications for link requests