Autoresponders can be used to send a series of automatic emails once a user has submitted a form. As the Autoresponder needs to know what email address to send the email to, for autoresponders to work, the user either needs to be an existing member of the site, and be logged in when submitting the form (for custom forms or ones built by yourselves using form builder) or by submitting one of the standard system forms such as the "Create an account", Place Order or Email Opt In forms. 

The timing of an Autoresponder campaign is based off the date of submission of the triggering form. So the first response email can be sent as soon as the form is submitted, and then the 2nd email 2 weeks after that date. The Autoresponder can not be used as a countdown to a date, for instance as an event reminder or "Only 7 days until Christmas - buy now!"

You must have the Email Marketing addon and the design for the templated email will use your email marketing design. If you have Email Marketing and do not see the Autoresponder tab - please get in touch with the Support Team who can easily enable it for you.

Set up an Autoresponder

  1. Click on the Marketing tab email-marketing0
  2. Click on the Auto Responders tab 1 autorespondertab
  3. Click the New tab  to create an Autoresponder track
  4. Give your Autoresponder a name, e.g. “First Autoresponder campaign”
    3 editcampaign
  5. Choose a trigger in the dropdown box. This can be either a form submission, like the enquiry form or a time period since the last order was made
  6. The dropdown box right next to it shows you the current selection of forms on the website that are able to set this Autoresponder off or you can enter a number of days if you chose it to be a time period
  7. If you would like a site user to receive this automatic response more than once, for example every time they ordered something, set this option to Many tracks per customer and the form submission trigger to be New order. If you would like your site member to see this autoresponse only once, set this option to One track per customer
  8. Enter a start date
  9. Set the campaign Status to Active or Inactive and click the Save button
  10. Add a new email to your campaign by clicking the Add new email button
  11. Set the amount of days the campaign should wait after the trigger event before sending this email
  12. Enter the subject, e.g. "Thank you for your enquiry!"
  13. Enter a reply-email
    6 remindermail
  14. Add some content to your email by clicking the Add component button
  15. Enter your text and click Save
  16. You can send a test email to yourself or see a preview of your Autoresponder
  17. Click Save
  18. The newly created Autoresponder will now appear in your campaigns list
    8 campaignlist
  19. Click on the Tracks link to see how many members have triggered the Autoresponder campaign
  20. There are some reports on Autoresponder campaigns that have been sent. To view them click the Report link
    4 report