Receive updates by Email, RSS Feeds, Feed Count

With your Zeald blog, you may want the ability for your website visitors to:
  • Receive Blog Updates by Email
  • Subscribe to your Feed
  • See a Feed Count of your blog
You can check an example of these links at the top of our "Whats New?" blog in our online help.

Step 1. Setup a Google Feedburner account

You will need to sign up to a Google Feedburner account at
Once you have signed up, follow the instructions and simply paste the URL of your blog to "burn" your feed.

Embed source code

Then you can obtain the HTML embed source codes for:
  • To add a form to receive updates by email link (click Publicize > Email subscriptions > Activate then paste the source for the link or form.)
  • To add a subscribe in a reader link (click Publicize > Chicklet Chooser then paste the source code)
  • Adding the Feed Counter and other tools is similar (Publicize > Feedcount, activate them and paste the source
You can then embed the HTML source code in a new component on your blog page. You can display these widgets in the lefthand navigation, at the top of the blog or at the bottom of the blog. When you add the component to any page in your blog it will automatically be added to the "Blog" template and appear on every page of your blog.

Manage blog email subscribers

feedburner stores the email addresses and other information of all the users subscribed to your blog.  You can login to your feedburner account at any time to view the email addresses of the users who have subscribed to your blog, by viewing the information under Analyse.

Please note: the feedburner database is completely separate from your Zeald email marketing database. You can import the email addresses from your Feedburner account to your Zeald email marketing database by.
  1. login to feedburner
  2. export the email list in a CSV file
  3. Add customers to a group
  4. import the CSV to the customers tab of your Zeald website
Learn more about importing customers
Learn more about feedburner