Bounced emails & blocked addresses

When you send an Email Marketing Campaign, you have the ability to choose a group of customers from your customer database filter.
From this group of customers, some customers will not be sent the campaign due to one of the following reasons:
  • Customers are blocks because previously bounced with a permanent error
  • Customers have unsubscribed (you can tell this if you look in the Customer list unsubscribe column and it says "yes" ... or if you click into the customer record and click on the "All" tab - it will say Unsubscribe - yes ... or... if they are in the unsubscribed "group"
  • Customer is inactive
  • Customer has no email address specified
Once you have chosen your customers, your email campaign will show how many customers the email will be sent to, and how many it will not be sent to. This is displayed next to the "To" field at the top of your email campaign. You can click on the numbers to view a list of clients in that particular group.

The bounce report

After you have sent an email campaign it is very likely that the emails you send will not all arrive at their destination. This is likely due to a number of reasons:
  • No such email address
  • Mailbox quota exceeded
  • Mail provider down
  • etc
You can view a list of these bounced emails for each campaign, after you have sent it.

Please note that this list could likely change over time, as the emails delivery process does not happen instantly. Emails could take some time to reach their destination, or bounce back. So this number will most likely grow over time.

If our system is returned a permanent error eg, the email does not exist, then it will automatically be added to the blocked list so that you do not keep sending emails to this address and incur unnecessary cost in the future.

If the bounce is message is "mailbox quota exceeded", the message will not be put in the blocked list, so next time you send to this address the email should be sent again.


The blocked list

This is a list of email address that the system has blocked because of permanent errors, for example malformed email or the email address does not exist. The system will not send to any email address that appears in this list.

You can view the list of blocked emails by clicking on the "Blocked" tab and you can remove email addresses from the list manually. It is very unlikely that you should ever have to remove emails from this list.