The Reminders add-on website module provides a facility where visitors can specify dates that they wish to be notified of certain events (e.g. weddings, anniversaries etc). The visitor can view all currently scheduled reminders when logged into the website and add/edit reminders. The website owner then has the ability to market to this person special gifts/services which would be ideal for the occasion type.
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How it works

Once you have purchased and had the Reminders add-on enabled, your customers will be able to  access the reminders service on the main page of the members area once they login to the website.

A list of all currently scheduled reminders will be displayed - showing:
  • reminder name
  • reminder date
  • delete/edit buttons for each reminder
  • “Add reminder” button
  • At the bottom of the reminder list there is a Save button
As the website administrator you can setup the templated HTML email that will be sent to a customer to remind them of the specific occasion (birthdays, aniversaries, etc.)
You must have the Email Marketing addon and the design for the templated email will use your email marketing design.

How to setup a reminder email auto responder campaign

The administrator of the website is able to view a list of all defined reminders. By clicking on an existing reminder, or clicking “Add new reminder’, the administrator can enter/edit a reminder.
  1. Under the Marketing tab  select the Auto responders tab  to display a list of current campaigns
  2. Select the auto responder campaign that we have already setup for you entitled Special Occasion
  3. You can change the name of the Auto responder if you like to "Birthday or anniversary" to make it more specific to your website
  4. Leave the trigger type as reminder
  5. Set the Trigger "days before user specified date". Maybe 2-5 days before the birthday?
  6. Leave the Multiple set to "Many tracks per customer"
  7. Select the Add a new email button to setup a new email for this auto responder
  8. Create a new email - Learn more about setting up an email marketing campaign
  9. Use dynamic fields to personalise your email. You will have "special dynamic fields" related to your reminder, such as "date, day. month, name of ocassion."
    For a birthday reminder you might use something like:
    Hi #Customer.FirstName#
    This is a quick email just to remind you about #Form.ocassion# in 2 days time on
    Please check out our birthday gifts category for ideas for a present
    From the Team at Give a duck
  10. Don't forget to save the email
  11. Test the auto-responder email by setting up a dummy member login, setting a reminder date and checking that the reminder email is delivered to you on the right day

Setup multiple occasions

You may wish to offer your customers more than one occasion type. For example you may wish your clients could select the occasion type IE Birthday or Anniversary and send them out a different email for each occasion type.
You can do this by setting up a new auto responder, using the new occasion type as the name. For example you may have "Special Occasion" and "Anniversary" as two separate auto responder campaigns. Follow the directions above. You will note that in the front end when your customers login they will now view a drop down of occasion and your new occasion type will appear in this drop down. When the customer selects this type it will send out the email associated with that auto-responder campaign.



Once the campaign has been running for some time, as the website administrator you will be able to view a list of all the current email tracks by selecting the "Tracks" link associated with each campaign in the list on the Auto responder campaign list page. This will display a list of all the reminder emails currently setup.


Once your campaigns have been running for some time you can view reports for each email or campaign as a whole. The reports include important metrics such as:
  • Emails delivered
  • Emails viewed
  • Click throughs
  • Orders
  • Enquiries

Auto responders

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Please Note

This addon can only be purchased if you have the Zeald Email Marketing Manager and an ecommerce, ecommerce+, Promotion or Catalogue website.