Widget types

Form widgets are different methods a user can input information to a form. They include
  • Text fields
  • Radio buttons are used when you want the user to select one of a limited number of choices
  • Checkboxes are used when you want the user to select one or more options. More than one can be chosen
  • JS Calendar is used to enter a date
  • Multi-file uploads

Multi-File uploads

This provides users with the ability to upload arbitrarily many files on a form that you can then download.

To add a multi-file upload to a form, simply edit it in Live Edit and add the "Upload multiple files" widget:

The file upload component takes advantage of new features in modern browsers (generally referred to as "HTML5") to allow you to upload multiple files at a time. To select multiple files for upload, users can either:
  • Select the files using the "Select files" button (you can hold the CTRL or SHIFT key to select multiple files) to select multiple files in Windows, hold down "CTRL" (on the Mac, this is the "Apple key") and click the file: you can also select groups by holding SHIFT)
  • Drag and drop files from a folder on the users desktop to the upload area in the form

File size limitations

There are no limitations with regard to the size of files the upload widget will accept from Zeald's end. However, the web was not really made for uploading large files. There is quite likely to be limitations for the size of files uploaded through:
  • the users browsers
  • proxy server, setup by the users systems administrator in their office
  • The users ISP
We recommend that users do not upload more than 100MB via the form upload widget, and to be safe, keep it under 20MB