Discussion Forums, Comments & Reviews

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Learn how to delete a Forum Learn how to approve posts in a moderated Forum

Create a new Forum

  1. Under the Content tab > Forums tab > New Forum forums.png
  2. Now give the Forum a name and description. You can choose to specify a Category. If you specify a category you can choose to insert an instance of the forum dedicated to that category on a different page of your website. For example: we might setup a category focused on website strategy, and we could display this under the relevant area of our website. In addition to this we could also setup a category focused on Website design and display this under the Website design area of our website forums2.png
  3. When you are happy, select Save
  4. You can at anytime edit an existing forum by simply selecting it from the list

Delete a Forum

  1. Under the Content > Forums > Forums select the forum page and click on Delete checked


Add Forum to a page

  1. Once you have setup a new forum, you then need to add it to a page on your website. You will need to first of all setup a page on your website to display the forum
  2. Navigate to the page in Live edit mode
  3. Give the component a name and select the Add component button
  4. Select Forums from the type drop down. Select Add component to save it to the page. You can then drag the component to the position on the page that you would like to display it

Moderated forums - approving posts

When you enable moderation on a forum, posts need to be approved manually before they will display on the website

How to enable moderation

  1. Select the Forums tab under Content
  2. Now you can see your existing forums. Choose the one you wish to enable moderation and click on Edit settings
  3. Select Yes from the Is this forum moderated dropdown box

How to approve a post

  1. Go to the forum posts page Content > Forums > Forum Posts
  2. Click on the Code of the forum post you are interested in
  3. Change Published to Yes
  4. The post will display in the website front end