Planning Your Recipes’

Once you know your success metric (‘signal’) and your control, you are ready to set up your recipes.  These are the variations to the control that you want to test.  You need to carefully plan your recipes before you start your TMT cycle.

There are an almost unlimited number of things that you can TMT but I would recommend that initially you focus on these elements in your recipes:
  1. Headlines
  2. Opening Hooks
  3. Pictures / Hero Shots
  4. Trust Building Elements
  5. Pre-Sales Copy
  6. Teasers and Short Copy
  7. Bulleted Lists of Benefits or Features
  8. Calls To Action
  9. Pricing / Your Offers
  10. Order Forms / Check-Outs
  11. Length of Forms
  12. Button & Link Messaging
  13. Cross Sells & Up Sells
  14. The P.S
In addition to testing the different elements outlined above it is often a good idea to test ‘element attributes’.  What I mean by this is: the element might be the headline.  But some element attributes might be font size, font colour and so on.  Examples of common element attributes are as follows.
  • Size
  • Alignment
  • Style
  • Colour
  • Background Colour
  • Position
  • Bold / Italics / Underline
The options are almost endless.  Use your intuition here and create recipes that you think are likely to lead to a positive result.  Focus on the elements that that appear on the screen without needing to scroll first.