Integrating/connecting my website with external systems

If you want to connect your website to external software or websites, there are generally 3 different ways to do this with a Zeald website.

1. Basic link. You can easily create a link to another page or website, such as a booking calendar which is hosted by a third-party. More info on creating links.

2. Iframe. This is where you can embed an external website within the page of your website. Usually the external site which you are embedding is just a specific component - such as a booking calendar - not a whole website page with header and menus. The external provider will give you a website address (URL) with just your piece of software on it, to use as the iframe.

3. API integration. Zeald has an XML API which can be used to pass data (such as your customers, orders or items) from the website to other external systems (such as accounting software) and vice versa. This is useful if you're looking to automate some of the backend functions of your website. For example:
  • Connecting your orders directly to your accounting software
  • Connecting your online products with your internal POS software.
There are a number of ways that you can go about connecting your Zeald website with a third party software using the API. Learn more about Data integration and the Zeald API