Live Chat & Instant Messaging

Embedding third party services is not officially supported and is only recommended for advanced users. You can easily break your website doing this, and if you require Zeald to help fix the issue, it might incur additional charges. 
If you require assistance or find a problem with the source code given by a third party, we are generally unable to assist and you would need to contact the third party directly for assistance, or obtain a customisation to embed this source.  

You can have a realtime chat component onto your website, which allows your customers to
  • see when a service or sales rep is available
  • instant message the person directly and receive an instant response
Send the source code of the live chat button to  Our support team can advise you on the cost to have the live chat button added to your website

Get a Skype Button to your website

buttonsample.pngLearn how to Get a Skype button.  

Note. Both you and the website user will need to have a Skype account and Skype running for you to be able to connect and communicate using Skype.

Other third party options

There are many third party live chat options. Once you have decided which company to use and which plan you'll be using with them, they will require you to put a snippet of code into your website. Generally you will need to have us put this code into the website for you, as it needs to display on every page. It's usually not a big job but will most likely incur a fee for our time. Contact our support team if you would like to add a specific live chat to your website.

Olark - This is the software which we use for the Zeald live chat support. If you want to use it to connect with your own customers, we will need to disable the Zeald live chat as there can't be two instances of Olark on the same website.

Snap Engage -

Zopim -