Retrieving lost content

Deleted something? - use the Trash

If you delete a page or an item in the website manager you can get it back, by finding the item in the Trash section of the Item Tree or Content Tree

Clicking an item will give you an option to restore the item.  Clicking that link will restore it to it's original location.
Selection 223

Deleted a component?

If you deleted a component by mistake while using View Website mode, you can get it back using the component trash:
  1. At the top of the page, click the Add Component button
     add component
  2. At the top of the Add Component popup, click deleted components
    Selection 232
  3. This shows all the components you've deleted recently.  Find the one you want and click "Add component" to re-add it to your page.


Changed something and broken it - use Previous Versions

If the problem is that you've made a change to your content that you'd rather roll-back, this is easy too.  In the top-right corner of most screens, next to the Save button, you'll find a link that says Previous Versions. Clicking this will show all the recent edits to this page, and if you click one of these edits it will load a backup copy of the page as it looked immediately before that change was made.  By Saving again you can overwrite the current version with that old one

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More drastic problems

Have you accidentally deleted a part of your website - and want to save yourself some time trying to re-create content? You might just be in luck.

There are several internet heavyweights who have taken on the task of archiving websites so that future generations can access websites from history - prior to the changes that made them what they are today. 

One happy side-effect of all this, is that you can use these services in order to recover images and copy from your website if it has been accidentally deleted - or simply if you wish to see how far you have come.

Steps to view older versions of your website

  1. To access this service, visit to use the 'Wayback Machine'. Put your website address in the field as follows, and hit the 'Take Me Back' button.​ wayback1
  2. This will produce a page similar to this one. The blue dots on the calendar signify snapshots of your website throughout its history. You can click on the blue dots to view a snapshot, or use the year slider at the top to move further back in time. wayback2
  • When you select a snapshot to view, it will display your website in the context of the Wayback Machine. The system compresses your website to save storage space, so your website may not display correctly. From here you can copy or save text or images to use on your current website. 
  • The following is the Wayback Machine's archive of the Zeald website in 2004:



Rolling back your website

If you make a mistake - and cannot recover the content you have lost by using Wayback Machine, Zeald can roll back your website to a previous version within the last 30 days. This involves a bit of work for our developers however - so it does have a charge attached to it, so it is always worth trying Wayback Machine beforehand. If you need to roll back your website, click here to purchase a Website Backup Restore from our Online Store, or get in touch with our great support team.