My spam filter is blocking the email from the website

This is a very common problem: your Zeald website sends you emails (eg order emails, enquiry notifications, email marketing, notifications from forms or forums etc) and then an overzealous spam filter running on your mail server either rejects or incorrectly files this email as spam.

Modern spam filters are Artificial Intelligence systems, they aren't "Programmed" they are "Trained", and therefore they don't necessarily follow simple rules - it may not be clear even to the spam filter's creator why it decides one message is spam and another isn't.  There are some things you can do to help

Marking it as "Not Junk"

The first thing you should do is mark the email as "Not junk" within your mail client, if you are able to do so.  Modern email systems like Exchange or Gmail use this information to train their spam filters

In office 365 you'll find this option by clicking a junk email and clicking the "three dots" in the top right:
Selection 146
In gmail, click the email and find the button at the top of the message list
Selection 149
In a lot of cases, if you do this several times  with your order emails or other transactional mail, the system will "Learn" that the email is not spam.


In most mail systems, To resolve this, you will need to configure your spam filtering system to whitelist the website email server (if you do not know how to do with this you will likely need to contact either the provider of your spam filtering software or a IT technician).

The details of our mail server, for the purposes of setting up this whitelist are
  • (ip address
  • (ip address
To do this in office 365 or hosted exchange see here :

SPF Records

Another common issue is that you've setup an SPF record, which doesn't allow our servers to send mail on your behalf.  Click here for instruction on how to deal with that.

If you're having problems receiving notification emails from the website there is also another Easy solution - in the backend of the website go to Preferences - Contact Settings and there is a box for the "From address for notification emails". Setting that to any other address (eg "") will change the from address of the notification emails, making it work.  Customers will continue to see the Primary address, so this address can be any real email address, eg a gmail/yahoo/ or anything. This has no downsides or side effects or other problems and fixes almost every problem receiving notification emails.

Failing that, your IT technician or spam filtering provider should be able to assist you in viewing logs to confirm the reason why the mail is not being accepted

Note that as Zeald do not control your spam filter system, and do not have detailed knowledge of the working of other peoples software, we are generally unable to provide any assistance to your technical people beyond confirming that their email server is in fact receiving, and then incorrectly filing the email.