Entering Postcodes to Delivery Regions

Zest has a setup for creating delivery methods based on regions. This update was originally created for Zest Marketplace to have a more particular method of determining and using customers’ location efficiently for delivery methods. And made available to all Zest 4 sites.

It is a great benefit for businesses that work with logistics partners who use location-based shipping fees

How to add postcodes to delivery regions

  1. Login to your website, click on Preferences, and look for the shipping editor link on the  Delivery Settings

  2. Go to the Delivery Regions tab, then click  Add a region 
  3. Fill in the details of the delivery region you want to create. Make sure to use the correct postcodes of the region you want to add. Then click Save

  4. Go to the Delivery Editor tab then click the Add a new delivery method button
  5. On the delivery editor page, fill in the necessary details for your new delivery method
    Add a country then click on the Limit regions and select the region you want to use for the new delivery method, and click on Save
    Note that this region consists of the postcodes you added earlier for the new delivery region
  6. You will see your new delivery method in the delivery method list after saving your changes

In the cart popup, Zest will automatically choose the delivery method after the customer types in the postcode


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Zest Marketplace's demo website contains all of New Zealand's regions and postcodes.