Going Live

The Website Launch

The launch wizard is accessed as the last step in the website launch checklist, on the homepage of the website manager just after you log in, if your website is not yet live.  Don't be afraid to click on this - there's no magic and your website won't automatically go live!


Clicking the button will start the launch wizard.
  1. The wizard will ask you to double-check your website preferences and content.
  2. Then you need to setup your website address or domain name.  You will see a page showing all your current domain names: typically this will include your temporary .zes.zeald.com domain names, which you should safely leave there.
  3. Click the "Add new web address" button and type your domain name. Do it twice. Once with the "www" and once without the www.
  4. If you haven't setup your domain name to point to our webservers yet, you will get an error telling you this.  If you click the "Fix this" button you will be taken to the Zeald Domain & Email Manager to resolve this.3-295
  5. The last step is to choose which of your website address you want to be the "Primary" one, that users see and which appears in google search results

The "Website Address" preference page

Later on, if you want to tweak your website address settings, you can do this on the "Website Address" page under the "Preferences" tab.  The interface works in the same way as described above


If you are replacing your current website with your new and improved Zeald website, make sure you remember to inform your previous website host that you no longer require their services otherwise you could end up paying for something you no longer need.