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Clone Components

The Clone Component function makes it quick and easy to copy or duplicate a component and add it to a different page on your website

This allows you to reuse pre-designed content on other pages of your website. This makes loading and managing your website much quicker and tidier

Supported components include Content components, Content Collections or eCommerce components

When you Clone a component you can specify how the content will be updated

You can choose to share the content in each instance so if you update any instance it will automatically update across all instances

  1. Login to your website as an administrator

  2. Click on view website in the header to access Live edit mode
    clone-step (1)

  3. Turn on the show editing tools clone-step (2)

  4. Navigate to the page and component that you would like to clone and click on the clone component iconclone-step (3)

  5. Choose the Clone type to set how you would like the content to be updated
    Linked Component - If you edit any instance of the Linked Component, the content will be automatically updated across all instances. Use this method if you would like to have the content the same across all copies
    Duplicate (and disconnect)- Changes to any of the instances will not affect any of the cloned copies set to Duplicate. This will create a unique copy that is disconnected from the original and any other instances. Use this method if you intend to change the content of the instance or original and you don't want to change other instances
    clone-step (4)

  6. Choose which page would you like to add the cloned component to and click OK. for example, The About page
    You can clone a component to any content page except the Homepage and a Linked page. You are not able to clone components to product pages
    clone-step (5)-588

  7. This will load the target page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the cloned component.Use the Move handle to drag the component and position it on the page where you would like to display it
    If the component does not have the Move handle icon it likely means that the original component that it was cloned from was set to Not Moveable. Call the support team to change the original component to Moveable
    clone-step (6)

Component Style

The style of the component might be different to the original

This is most likely because the original component was built pre the release of this feature. To solve this issue, you should contact Zeald support to arrange for a developer to update the component and any other components that you would like to clone in this way

Nested Components

It is complex to clone a Nested component. Contact Zeald support and arrange for a developer to clone a nested component for you


This "Contact us" component uses multiple Nested components within a parent component and is difficult to clone in a single operation