How to Get Instagram Access Token

Note: Instagram login credentials and Facebook developer account are needed to get an Instagram Access Token


1. Log into Facebook
2. Go to Facebook Developers Account
3. Add a New App
  • a. Click Create App
  • b. Select None
  • c. Register New App - Adding an app will open a pop-up window where you need to insert:
  •             - a name for your app,
                - contact email address

4. Add Website URL
  •     a. Navigate to Settings > Basic, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Platform

                b. Choose a website platform


               c. Enter client site URL and save settings


5. Configure Instagram Basic Display
  • a. Click Add Product on the left side panel

           b. Add Instagram Basic Display product


           c. Navigate to the Basic Display and scroll to the very bottom of the page. Click the Create New App button


           d. As the name of the App choose the name you created in Step 3. c


6. Get the Access Token
  • a. Navigate to the Basic Display > User Token Generator
  • b. Click Add or Remove Instagram Testers

  • c. Find the Add or Remove Instagram Testers section and click the button
    Note, there are two tester options, so make sure to add a tester to the Instagram Tester section.
  • d. Add the Instagram User ID (IG username) for the account you want to add as an Instagram Tester
  • e. Log into the Instagram account of the username you added as the Instagram Tester
  • f. Navigate to Settings > Apps and Websites, and click on the Tester Invites tab
  • g. Click Accept to approve the invitation
  • h. Now navigate back to the Facebook Developers dashboard
    i. Find the app you created, then navigate to Basic Display
    ii. Scroll to the User Token Generator Section and click the Generate Token button
  • j. Copy the Access Token from the pop-up window

7. Renewing your Token
  • a.  An issued token will expire after 60 days. You will need to renew it before it expires if
    possible. To renew your token, log in to Facebook developer. If prompted to renew
    access for inactivity proceed with the renewal of the access. Then open your Account.
  • b. Once you reach your account page, go to Instagram Basic Display -> Basic Display ->
    Scroll down look for User Token Generator -> Click the button Generate the token.