Protect A Content Page

If you want to put sensitive information on your website which you only want your Members to be able to view you need to use the Access Control functionality.

Set up Access Control Functionality

  1. Click on the Content tab content in the Administration end of your website
  2. Click on the Content page in the content tree that you would like to have protected, e.g. "About Us". This will highlight the page blue
  3. Click on the Edit page link
  4. This will take you to the edit page screen. At the top of this screen there is a tab called Access Control accesscontrol. Click on this tab
  5. This will take you to the Access Control page. It will give you three options:
  • Anyone with access to the parent page - default - This option only applies if it is a sub level page (this option is not used very often)
  • Only logged-in members can access this page - (this option is the most commonly used of the three). If you click on the last option it will then automatically give you another three options
  • You can choose which page a user will see if he does not have access to the page. The most commonly used method is the second one, "The login page"
  1. Once you have chosen which method to use click on the Save button
  2. If you would like to test your changes you will need to log out of the back end by clicking on the sign out link at the top right hand side of your browser (by first clicking on your username). It is also possible to view your website in another browser, e.g. if you work on your website in Internet Explorer you can open it with Mozilla Firefox and see the changes in the front end
You can then go to the front end of your site (make sure you are not logged in as a member) and click on the page you made the changes to. If you selected the third option (only logged-in members can access this page) in the first level and then the second option (the login page) on the second level, when you click on the page it should take you straight to the login page and ask you to login.