If you use SPF - add the zeald servers to your SPF record

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) allows you to define what email servers are allowed to send email on your behalf.  It is a set of settings in your DNS configuration

If you are using SPF, you will need to ensure that the Zeald email servers are allowed to send email on your behalf.  Otherwise you may find your website's notification and marketing emails ending out classified as spam.

If your domain is hosted with Zeald:
  1. Go to portal.zeald.com.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard, then click Edit DNS Settings manually.  
  3. In the DNS settings section, Use my custom settings.
  4. Click Save.  
  5. This will generate the custom DNS Settings page.  Scroll down to the TXT Records section, then enter the following details:


    Text Record Details (Value)

  6. Click Save.  
If your domain is not hosted with Zeald, please call your domain host and request they add an SPF record and include Zeald as below.

If you have an SPF record set for your root domain (i.e. yourdomain.com), you must add
  • include:spf.zeald.com

Into your to your SPF rule.   Do not remove any other servers from the rule.  Eg, if you use GMail this may mean 

  • v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com include:spf.zeald.com ~all