Changing your website's logo, email marketing header or other background image

Changing your website logo will usually  require our development and possibly our design teams to make the change, so please contact our support team for an estimate of the charges.

However, if you have a very simple website design and are quite advanced in your knowledge of the Website Manager there may be a way you can change this, and other background images yourself.


The website has certain things hard-coded which we can work around. For example, the website marketing template has a piece of code in it that tells the website to go into a certain folder in the image manager and find a specific image and display it as the email marketing header. Your website's logo also works in the same way. You can usually see what the name of this image is by right clicking on it and viewing the image info.

email header example

In this example, when right-clicked this image showed:

Dimensions: 695px × 128px

Hence, fixes on your website should any issue arise while changing the logo or a background image is not supported. If you require us to help fix the issue, it will likely attract additional charges.


Finding out your logo's dimensions


Before uploading the logo or background image:


  • Find out the filename of the existing logo, as when you replace it, it must be named exactly the same.  
  • Make sure that the new logo image is of similar dimension.  

To find out your logo’s dimensions:

  1. Go to homepage and right click on your current logo.  Select Open image in a new tab.  


  2. This will now be open in a new tab on your browser.  Rename your new logo image with the exact same name as the image open in the new tab.  NOTE:  You can find the filename on the URL.  


  3. To find the dimensions, save the image file, then hover your mouse cursor on the image.  It will show the image’s dimensions in pixels.  E.g.  The image’s dimensions are 333x70 px.  



Uploading your new logo

Once you have renamed your image, and determined that your new logo has the same dimensions as the existing logo, you can start uploading your new logo to your website.
  1. Log into your website’s dashboard.
  2. Go to Content.
    click content
  3. Click Add a new page.  It doesn’t matter where you place the page, as you won’t be saving it.
    add new page
  4. Once you arrive at the rich text editor, click Image.
  5. Find the basic_theme folder, then click ONCE.
    basic theme
  6. Click Add files from your computer.
    add new file
  7. Select the resized and renamed logo, then click Open.
    add logo
  8. Click Cancel.  
    click Cancel image
  9. Cancel the page.  
    cancel article

Once uploaded in the basic themes folder, your website's logo or background image will automatically change after a few minutes.