Item Options

What are options?

Options are the means by which an item that possesses variable characteristics may be loaded as one item with several variations instead of seperate items

What are variations?

Variations are the variables that relate to the item characteristics (options)

For example a merchant may wish to retail a T-shirt. The T-shirt is available in 3 different colours and 4 different sizes

The options for the T-shirt are therefore Colour and Size

The variations for the Colour option might be white, blue and green

The variations for the Size option might be S, M, L and XL


Why are options used?

Options may save a great deal of work for the merchant as the item only has to be loaded once instead of multiple times.

Note however that where it is required that each item option and/or variation is required to have a separate SKU (product ID) number, options cannot be used

What types of options are there?

For our basic e-commerce package, there is only one (so-called "Simple options")

For E-business-to-business customers, two additional types of options are available:
  1. Advanced Options - like simple options these let you setup a number of variations for each option.  However for each variation now you can also setup a separate SKU number, image, quantity, pricing, weight and other special fields
  2. Sub-products - unlike with simple or advanced options, subproducts is a list of variations without any options.  This allows you to setup ad-hoc variations of a product without needing to organise them into options

See guides to do the items below here:
  • view current options for an item
  • set up options for an item
  • delete an item option
  • add an option variation
  • delete an option variation

For customers of our business to business product solutions, who need a seperate SKU, image, quantity etc. for each item, you should look at the types of Advanced Items