Social Media Widget Components

We've built a few tools to make it easier for you to embed your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Google + along with the "Add this" social bookmarking service) into your website. These widgets are now available as components in all Zeald's website products for you to add in LiveEdit mode to any page.

Social Bookmarking component: "Add this"

"Add this" is a service that lets users of your site bookmark a page and share it with friends via hundreds of different online services. To put this on your website page you can add the "AddThis" component:



Facebook page

If you use Facebook, you should create a Facebook page about your business (Create a Facebook page). Once you do this, you can add the "Facebook Like Box" component to embed this onto a page of your website:


Facebook 'like' button

If you want people to be able to "like" your page on Facebook you can add the "Facebook like button" component to the page:

facebook like


Twitter profile widget

If you use twitter, you can add the twitter profile widget to show your posts on your website:


Google +

If you want people to be able to "+1" your website on Google + you can add the "Google +1 Button" component to you website:

Google +1

How to add these components to your website

Adding these components is easy:
  1. Click "Live Edit" at the top of the page to go to live edit mode
  2. Navigate to the page where you want the component
  3. Click "Add Component" at the top of the page where you want to add the widget
  4. Choose the correct component (just as you would any other component)
  5. Setup the component.  All the social network widgets will ask you to provide details of your account (in the case of the Facebook page component, you need to search for you Facebook page and add it by clicking on it as below:
If there's a social media button or widget which you can't find here, see our page on embedding social media widgets using third-party code.