Inserting Google Maps

Embedding third party services is not officially supported and is only recommended for advanced users. You can easily break your website doing this, and if you require Zeald to help fix the issue then it may attract additional charges. 
If you require assistance or find a problem with the source code given by a third party, we are generally unable to assist and you would need to contact the third party directly for assistance, or obtain a customisation to embed this source.  


Google Maps

When searching for your address on Google Maps, you are returned a page similar to the following screenshot:


Click on the three lines in the top right next to the search bar,  which will open up a menu and display a 'share or embed map', these are used in different ways


When you click on this, you will get a pop up with either a share code or an embed code. You can follow either one of the options below to Embed an image of the map, or Share your map as a direct link.


Creating a Link to a Map
To link (text link) to the map, copy the text in the top field and use it as the URL in your link

Embedding a Map
To embed the map within your page, copy the text from the second field and follow the instructions to embed the code into your page source code

Creating a Google MyMap

If you have offices or locations around the country (or around the world), you can show these by creating a Google MyMap


View in a larger map

Once you have created a Google MyMap to reflect your locations, you can embed the map into your website, or request Zeald to embed the map for you. Alternatively you may like to consider an Image Map created by Zeald.

Google Places

You can use Google Places to have your business be search-able on Google Maps and When potential customers search Maps for local information, they'll find your business: your address, hours of operation, even photos of your store or products. Read more on Optimising for Google Local Search.