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Online Marketplaces are not a stranger to e-commerce users. Many popular e-commerce websites are online marketplaces. Amazon, eBay, Shopee, AliExpress, and Lazada are selling products from different sellers. The abundance of choices and convenience of shopping online from these marketplaces attract buyers anywhere in the world.

An online marketplace doesn't hold any inventory. It only helps sellers and buyers to manage their transactions. It can also assist sellers with their shipments.

It is evident that when the Covid-19 pandemic happened, people were stuck in their own homes and found online shopping as one of their stress relievers.

Users' engagement in eCommerce services has risen in the year 2020 up to now. Covid-19 accelerated the adaption of SMEs businesses to eCommerce when countries implemented a series of lockdowns. When this happened, Zeald took a quick approach to supply the needs of eCommerce websites to New Zealand SMEs owners.

Zeald has the GEM initiative that provides free eCommerce websites to any business within a year. Today, it offers a new online marketplace website that would allow whole communities to set up online, implement digital marketing, and generate sales more efficiently.

Zest Marketplaces

The Zest Marketplaces is a model where each business has its site and can also benefit from a community-based marketplace that allows each to benefit from inclusion in the aggregate site while retaining their digital sovereignty.

Check out the demo here: