How to Place an Order Manually

The enter order page allows you to enter an order into the website, which you might use for a number of reasons:

  • Orders taken over the phone or manually
  • To enter orders done offline for accounting purposes
  • To edit an existing order after it has been taken
  • Combined with the Auth/Complete payment functionality of DPS, you can also take orders and not bill them until you confirm the details on this page. If you would like your website setup in this way please contact support.
  1. Under the Orders tab click Enter Order

    1 1a

  2. This will show the order entry page.  First you need to enter the details of the customer. If you click Search you can search for an existing customer record (if they ordered from you in the past) but otherwise simply enter their details
  3. Also in the customer details block you need to select the payment method.  You can also choose whether you want to create a new customer record (or update the existing one if the username is entered)
  4. Now you add products to the order. You can search your list of products within this block. Also, you can add Add Custom Line which will add a blank line to your order that you can edit to enter your own SKU/title/price
  5. When you add items to the order they will show in the Order Lines section.  Here you are able to edit the details of the products and the order (eg to override prices or discounts or text)
  6. When done, you can save the order. If you choose Save the order will be saved with the status "Waiting for payment". If you click Save and process payment, the order will be marked as "Pending". Also, if you are using a DPS payment gateway and this is a credit card order, you will be given the opportunity to enter the customer's credit card details and bill their credit card.