Processing Orders

Managing orders

  1. Click on the Orders tab
  2. A list with all pending orders will be shown
  3. Clicking on the small back arrow  to the left of the order number will move the order into the archived orders list
    Important: In doing this, be careful not to click on the red cross as this will permanently delete the order from the website database
  4. Click on the order number to view the details of the order
  5. If you want to edit it, click on the Edit order tab

NOTE FOR WEBSITES WITH PAYMENT EXPRESS (DPS):  Transaction fees will apply if you have exceeded the number of free transactions per month that came with your DPS Payment Express plan.  This applies to both orders and refunds.  
Transaction fees DPS-846

Merchant service fees for your bank, with rates varying from 2% to 4%, may also apply.  However, this may not be applicable when processing a refund, nor is it waived.  For more information, coordinate with your bank.