How to Create a New Customer Manually

  1. In the administration end of the website, click in the Customers tab
  2. Click on the Create New Customer tab
  3. Fill out the fields that you require. The only thing the Zeald system must have is a username and a password (minimum of four characters and must be either letters or numbers), which can be entered on the Add customer page. The username must be unique for each user and is generally their email address.
    Please note: All other fields on the customer screens are optional screens are optional, but will improve the successful running of your website
  4. You can enter a Shipping adress when you click on the Shipping info tab. By default goods are usually shipped to the billing adress
  5. The billing adress can be entered under the Billing info tab
  6. Under the Order info tab you can select which price the customer will use, Retail or Dealer
  7. Click Save to save any changes that you make