How to Assign Multiple Customers to Groups

(using the Import Customer method)

  1. Once you have your Excel spreadsheet, save two copies of it – one as the original and one as the working document to which you will add your groups
  2. You will see that there is a column headed Groups. To allocate a customer to a group you must type the exact Customer Group Code (not the Name) in this column
  3. Go to the administration end of the website
  4. Click on the Customers tab sell1
  5. Click on the Customer Groups tab sell3
  6. Here you will see all of the groups that have already been created. If you have not yet created the group you wish to assign the customer to, follow the steps How to Create a New Customer Group
  7. Find the group in the list and take note of the code in the left hand column – not the name, e.g. "NewCustomers2011"
    Please note: If the code is more than one word, there will be an underscore “_” separating each word
  8. Go back to the Excel spreadsheet
  9. Type the exact code into the Group column corresponding with the customer you wish to assign to that group
  10. You may now copy and paste that code to assign any other customers to that group
  11. To assign a customer to more than one group, you must put each additional group name in a new line by pressing ALT + ENTER
  12. Once you have assigned your customers to groups, save the spreadsheet
  13. Now follow the steps How to Import my Customer List

  • It is vital to save a separate original copy of your spreadsheet. You can revert back to it if you make any mistakes!
  • It is vital that you type the exact Customer Group Code – NOT the Name – into the spreadsheet!
  • It is vital that, if you are assigning a customer to multiple groups in your spreadsheet, please see the sample below.

    If you are using Google Spreadsheet, please follow the steps below to add another group in the cell.
    2020-09-29 08 49 07-Window

    If you are using Microsoft Excel Office 2019, please follow the steps below to add another group in the cell.
    2020-09-29 08 49 07-WindowALT