Merchant Dashboard - Order Management

The merchants' dashboard is equipped with functionalities that help merchants with their daily processes, such as managing orders. The order management in Zest Marketplaces acts the same as the order management of a Zest native website. It allows merchants to view orders and update orders' status, shipping, and notes.

  1. On the Merchant Dashboard, click on Orders

  2. Click on the Order Reference Number in the order table list to view the details of the order
  3. This will show you the details of the order
  4. You can update the order's status or you can also archive, delete or cancel the order
    To Change the status of the order click on the status and choose the appropriate status or action
To create a shipment for the order
  1. Click on the Create a shipment button
  2. Fill in the shipment details to complete the order’s shipment and click on Save
Under the Shipment section, you can add your notes on the order, don't forget to click on save