Processing credit card payment refunds

It is important to remember that Zeald websites are NOT linked to the payment side of any ecommerce website.  All transactions are handled by the payment gateway you are using, and the bank it is linked to.  

You can either process a refund on your payment gateway's console or dashboard, or you can contact their support team for instructions on how to process a refund.  

Payment Express (DPS)

Customers with DPS on their site have access to the Payline Payment 
  1. Log in to your Payment Express account.  

    account details
  2. Click Transactions > Refund
  3. Search for the transaction using either the date, merchant reference, or full credit card number.  
  4. Click Refund beside the corresponding transaction.  
  5. Enter the Refund Password.  
  6. Enter a merchant reference and the refund amount, the click Submit.  

Once the transaction is processed, you will receive a response.  This response will include a unique authorisation code.  

NOTE:  If you cannot access the Payline portal, do not have the account details, or have forgotten your login details, please contact the DPS support team.  

Alternatively, if your customer does not want to refund on the same credit card, ask your customer for their bank account details and offer a bank deposit / transfer instead.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON TRANSACTION FEES: Transaction fees will apply if you have exceeded the number of free transactions per month that came with your DPS Payment Express plan.  This applies to both orders and refunds.  Transaction fees DPS-846

Merchant service fees for your bank, with rates varying from 2% to 4%, may also apply.  However, this may not be applicable when processing a refund, nor is it waived.  For more information, coordinate with your bank.  



  1. Log in to your Paypal merchant account.
  2. Click the History subtab.
  3. Find the purchase payment, then click Details
  4. Click Issue Refund
  5. Enter the refund amount, then click Submit
  6. Click Submit again to confirm.