Zest Marketplace

The pandemic has further propelled online marketplaces as our go-to apps if we’re looking to buy stuff because of the additional safety benefit of completing a purchase in the safety and comfort of our own homes.

Zest Marketplace, like Amazon and Lazada, offer their users an abundance of choices and online shopping convenience. An online platform that brings together merchants of a related community and makes it easy for consumers to find and purchase products.

But an easier eCommerce tool for businesses is Zest Marketplaces. Unlike the usual eCommerce apps, Zest Marketplace is yours. Branding-wise, you have full control. You own your website and all of the content. It’s easier unlike loading your products to Amazon. You get to automatically feed your items to the marketplace and take orders which makes the process streamlined and easier!

ZEST Marketplace

In the ZEST Marketplace, every business has its own website and can also benefit from a community-based marketplace that allows for collaboration and support.

Check out the demo here: https://zest-marketplace-demo.zeald.com/