How to fix problems with my browser?

Sometimes issues will happen to you that we can't reproduce (read the section about bugs to understand why we can't fix issues that we can't reproduce).  Oftentimes this is because your web browser has become broken or has a non-standard extension that is interfering with your ability to use your website

To troubleshoot these kinds of problems
  1. What browser are you using? Internet Explorer (the default browser that ships with windows) is generally of very poor quality - it has a huge number of bugs (most of which Microsoft is making no effort to fix) which often effect complex web applications and so we always recommend you use Firefox if you are having problems.
  2. Are you running the latest version: In Firefox, go the the Help menu and click Check for updates
  3. Clear cookies and cache - often weird issues can be caused by corruption of your session, caching of old files, or other problems that can be fixed by clearing your cookies and cache.  Instructions on how to clear your cookies and cache.
  4. What extensions and addons do you have installed?  Some third party extensions to Firefox and explorer can mess with highly interactive websites such as the website manager, especially if they try to disable popups or scripts.  Often these extensions will have been installed without your knowledge.  You can try to disable extensions one by one: